News@8pm: Apple 'No free bumpers' and Kinect UK price

Plus: The best smartphones and iMovie app review

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Apple says no to giving customers free bumpersto solve the iPhone 4 signal issues. The Cupertino company has kept up its belligerent stance, so it looks like you'll have to splash out another £25 if you want to end those antenna woes. Strangely enough though, the company has begun the search for a new antenna engineer. We can't imagine why. To ease the rage, an iOS 4 multi-tasking update for the Spotify iPhone appis luckily onthe way, so you'llbe able toaccompany your iPhone antics with a hint of background listening. We've learned some more about iWork for iPhone following a few more leaked screenshots. The shots show that it'll let you share docs across your iPod Touch, iPad and any other iPhone you have kicking about. Judging by the hellish first week the iPhone 4's had, might we suggest an app name change to iDontwork? Sorry, couldn't resist. We still love you, iPhone 4, and you can check out our iMovie app review and video to see just how much. Plus, have a look at our top 5 free iPhone appsto find out how to show off your shiny new iPhone for gratis.

Android 2.2 is getting ready to roll into town, and Samsung has said that all of its Galaxy S phoneswill be getting a taste of FroYo. HTC has announced thatits Desire, Legend and Wildfire handsets willbe getting the FroYo filling over the course of the next few months too.

Gaming news today has been somewhat money-centric. Microsoft's Xbox Kinect has been pricedat £129.99 at online store ShopTo, nearly the same price as the Xbox 360 itself. If proven to be correct, that whopping price tag will come as a nasty surprise to those hoping to get a kick of the motion-cap mayhem for the more wallet-friendly £50 that was suggested by early rumblings. The news from Sony is that the PS3 has finally broken even, four years on from its debut. Well, thank heavens for that - we can all sleep soundly tonight. Elsewhere, Hulu Plus has been confirmedfor iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and more, as the premium TV streaming service has been given a multi-platform green light.

iPad rival ahoy as Cisco has unveiled its Ciustablet. Why not have a gander at our 5 top iPad alternativesif Apple's offering doesn'tappeal toyou. YouTube has deemed Flash the bestplatform for its videos, nudging towards a negative answer to that pesky old question: to iPad or not to iPad?

So many smartphones, so absurdly tricky to pick one. Have no fear, our experts at T3 towers have kindly put together an ultimate guide to the best smartphonesjust for you. Don't sign a thing until you've read it. Also, with the T3 Gadget Awards 2010shortlist announcement just around the corner, make sure you take a peek at a hot contender for Camera of the Year with our Sony NEX-5 review.