News@8pm: Apple dominates but Android is the future

Plus: Film4 evolves and Google faces legal troubles

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New Google OS to launch this month. After its success with the Android OS, Google is apparently going to launch its much mooted Chrome OS later this month. The company's immediate focus, however, is on the charges it faces for capturing people's emails and passwords via its Street View cars. The ICO spokesperson gave the company's opinion on the Google situation.


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iPad dominates the Tablet world. Apple currently holds an enormous 95% of the Tablet PC market with the iPad alone, but will it remain at the top? It's going to be a tough job for the Apple tablet to keep its position as two new Android Tablets have been announced, the 7-inch and 10-inch Creative ZiiO. Apple's going to have some Tablet competition this Christmas.

4OD has evolved into something else. Well, Film4 has joined Channel 4 in creating an 'on demand' website. Film4OD has launched with over 500 movie titles. Unfortunately, unlike its sister site, 4OD, Film4OD will be charging for its services. Grr! If you really want to spend your money on something worth while, check out the new Movember themed Flip cameras. Funky styles and all in the name of a charity, mate.

Androids are the future. Well at least they seem to be creating a better future for mobile phone technology. Dell says that it's easier to build a Windows phone 7 with an Android. Is the iPhone going to be obsolete? Maybe so, especially with the help of 8pen, the Android app that has reinvented the touchscreen keyboard by using gestures instead of keys. Next we'll be waving our hands and making rabbits appear out of hats.