News@8pm: Apple censor Playboy and BioShock Infinite

Plus: IE9 beta launch and HTC Desire HD in September

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Today's news kicked off with reports that Google is being sued by Oracle for infringing on the copyright of their Java software in the development of Android. If the claims are true, Oracle may take a sizeable chunk out of Google's revenue, particularly after figures today revealed that Android handsets outsold iPhones for the second quarter of 2010.

Sales of iPhone should receive a boost this month though after Orange's decision to start shipping iPhone 4 on PAYG followed Vodafone's example, which sold out from their online store within a day. However, if you're looking for the best phone in existence, you may want to wait until September 15, when it is rumoured that the HTC Desire HD will be unveiled. Initial spied specs look good and may make it the must-have phone of the year.

Microsoft made somewhat of a splash today with two announcements, the first of which being the beta launch of Internet Explorer 9 on September 15. With Firefox similarly in beta stages with Firefox 4.3, IE may need something special to topple the sleek Mozilla feel. The second bit of Microsoft news today was something altogether more exciting. Yes, we know Windows and exciting don't normally exist in the same sentence, but a new concept keyboard is looking very attractive for the future.

In gaming today, the iPhone flexed its graphic muscles as a demo at QuakeCon showed the forthcoming Rage playing at a superb 60fps. Elsewhere, Irrational Games showed off their latest project – BioShock Infinite, a game that seems impossible to get wrong if the trailer's anything to go by.

And finally today, Apple has come to an agreement that will see Playboy land on the iPad. Unfortunately for men everywhere, Steve Jobs has placed a ban on nudity in the magazine, cuing a collective FacePalm.