News@8pm: A white (iPhone) Xmas and Google FaceTime

Kindle tech family and Call of Duty 8 first details

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We kick off with the news that the white iPhone 4 will be coming just in time for a Christmas spree. Huzzah! Apple fans can rejoice! That is, of course, unless you've already modded your black one to make it look that way. And if you haven't got an iPhone 4 and you're looking for one of the best deals on PAYG, it seems you've missed out on Vodafone's free monthly data deal, which sold out in less than a day with no word of when new stock will be in.

Android fans also have cause to celebrate, or at least those in the US do as the Motorola Droid 2 has finally gone on sale with FroYo ready-to-go. Speaking of which, Vodafone is set to roll out Android 2.2 to locked Desires this week, though no word on other handsets yet. Elsewhere, rumours are circulating that Google is set to announce a rival to Apple's FaceTime at a gathering tomorrow. And good news for avid tweeters as TweetDeck is set to roll as a beta app on the Android Market this week.

Off the back of Amazon's huge success with the Kindle, it would appear that they're planning new forays into smartphones and MP4 players, but specifics remain very hush-hush for the moment. Just as secretive is information about Samsung's potential iPad basher, the Galaxy Tab, which will have its official airing next month at the IFA gadget show.

The same discretion cannot be applied to the latest iPod Touch, which has had even more details leaked prior to its imminent release, this time revealing that it will house dual cameras and a Retina Display.

And finally, it has been revealed that the sequel to November's forthcoming Call Of Duty: Black Ops is already being primed by Sledgehammer Games – the same folks responsible for the Game of the Year winning Dead Space. Though that does mean fans will be waiting two years for an Infinity Ward sequel to Modern Warfare 2.