New Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hands-on video shows a handsome, luxury device

Samsung's new flagship model seems gloriously flat and smooth

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra leaked video
(Image credit: @BennettBuhner)

The 2024 refresh of Samsung's flagship Android phones isn't too far away now, with a full launch of the lineup to take place during the latest Samsung Galaxy Unpacked this Wednesday, 17 January. 

However, that still leaves us enough time for a juicy leak or two – including a new hands-on video of the top-of-the-line Galaxy S24 Ultra. It has appeared on Chinese social media and then spotted by 91mobiles for all of us to enjoy. 

The video isn't long and only shows the phone from a few angles, half of the time in what looks like a protective case, but it confirms one massive rumour about the S24 Ultra immediately. 

Namely, it demonstrates that the phone will have a completely flat display for the first time in years, completely dropping the slight curve at the edges that Samsung has persisted with for quite some time. 

This was very much a source of disagreement among Samsung fans and sceptics alike - some people love how a curved display looks and think it really adds a premium touch.

Others, though, have consistently pointed to how it can make scratches and damage more likely, screen protectors harder to fit properly, and accidental touch inputs a really common occurrence. 

Either way, after years of rumours, this video suggests that we're finally waving goodbye to the edge curve, as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

We'd already seen the back of the phone, though, and from those older leaks we know that this should be a more familiar area, with the same layout of camera bumps that we've become used to over the last couple of years. 

Still, this is all in the realm of grainy video and awkwardly framed images - we're not going to get much word from Samsung on any of this for another couple of days.

So, no matter how many leaks we've been treated to, it's still worth tuning into Galaxy Unpacked, where the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be fully detailed along with all the other members of the Galaxy lineup for 2024. 

That'll be when we get a proper high-fidelity look at the phone, and some actual facts about its internal specs, availability, pricing and much more - so if you're curious about the first completely flat display on a Galaxy Ultra phone in a while, be sure to stay tuned. 

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