New PS5 DualSense controller could be coming with an amazing feature upgrade

Sony patent shows a next-gen controller

DualSense controller (close up)
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Quick Summary

A Sony patent has been filed that shows a new "weighted component" mechanism that could add new haptics to a future DualSense controller.

It would mean the controller could have the centre of its mass shifted as you play.

Sony is reportedly working on a new console controller that takes its haptics technology to the next level.

Possibly a replacement for the current PlayStation 5 DualSense or even for a prospective PS5 Pro, the controller is detailed in a patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which was created in August 2023 but only published in the last week.

It features a "weighted component" which could "shift the centre of the mass of the controller". This will effectively mean that the entire controller could respond to movements in a game by becoming heavier on one side than the other.

Imagine an adventure game whereby you pick up an item off a table and manoeuvre it in your (virtual) hands. Your controller could shifted the weight inside to give you the impression that you are really tilting the in-game object.

Add that to the existing haptics of a PS5 controller, such as the DualSense Edge, and you could end up with a truly tangible experience. We could also see the technology added to next-gen Sense controllers for the PSVR2.

Currently, both the DualSense and Sense controllers offer more precise haptic feedback than peers through advanced interior motors. There are also adaptive triggers that can be adjusted by a developer to make them stickier and harder to press to reflect what's going on in the game.

Adding shifting weights could help Sony gain a further foothold over Xbox when it comes to its gaming accessories.

Of course, patents don't always result in final products, but the technology detailed in this instance doesn't seem that ludicrous. And, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Sony is looking for the next big DualSense upgrade to enable it to keep one step ahead of rivals.

As it stands though, the DualSense and especially DualSense Edge are excellent in their own right, so don't let the idea of a possible future upgraded model put you off from considering the replacement options open to you now.

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