New Netflix no.1 movie is super-popular – but its Rotten Tomatoes score is super-low

Trigger Warning has viewers triggered

Trigger Warning
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Another week and another new Netflix number one hit: Trigger Warning, starring Jessica Alba, has proven super-popular for the best streaming service... but its Rotten Tomatoes score is anything but! A shame, given the initial excitement when the movie's trailer first dropped

Checking over the latest Netflix 'Tadum' site and, at the time of writing, the new movie has been viewed almost a staggering 26 million times since 21 June – which makes it more viewed than the second, third, fourth and fifth position movies in the top 10 chart combined! 

Trigger Warning | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Trigger Warning | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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But just because it's super-popular, doesn't mean it's been deemed super-good by viewers: its Rotten Tomatoes score sits at a super-low 20% critics score; while audience reviews are an even-more-dismal 15%. Yikes. There aren't many movies that rank this low – and it's a stark contrast to the 97% score of Hit Man just the other week.

The reviews are all saying the same thing, too, with one summing it up nicely: "Very bad movie indeed!" reads the straight-to-the-point review on the RT page. YouTube commenters aren't being any kinder either: "[The] action scenes have more frameskip than bad Wi-Fi," quips one. 

Where there's unanimous agreement, however, is in Jessica Alba's star presence. She plays a Special Forces commando Parker and, if the trailer wasn't enough of a giveaway, is a total badass. But there's corruption afoot and, in conflict with a violent gang in her hometown, Parker isn't sure who to trust. That's the thriller and mystery boxes ticked in this otherwise action-heavy flick.

There's always space for a 'bad movie', though. Some are so awful that they're actually good – check out 3 Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ that are perfect examples of just that – but Trigger Warning has fans, er, triggered and doesn't look like it's going to turn around opinions anytime soon. But the views keep on rolling in, so while the train is on the popular track it's time to jump aboard...

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