New waterproof iPhone tech is tight

Could Apple finally reveal a water-tight iPhone this year?

iPhone X water

Apple is looking at a way to make the new iPhone truly water-proof and without the need for a pesky port cover.

Apple is working on a new technology that will allow the iPhone to remain waterproof by working on a new connector with a deformable seal. According to a new patent filed by Apple this tech will make the port liquid-tight.

One rather cool idea uses a pump to create a vacuum seal that stops water entering the iPhone. Then when a cable is plugged in, that vacuum is broken to allow for charging.

There are also ideas that describe different types of connectors that use a rubber gasket or tapered connector to seal up the port when plugged in. Of course this would require a similar permanent attachment on the phone to offer water-resistance when not charging. 

Apple also has a patent for an umbrella mesh that can deflect liquids away from the speaker port.

Android phones already offer water-resistance thanks to an oleophobic coating that helps keep moisture from affecting components. For example the Samsung Galaxy S9 is water-resistant already.

While Apple has filed this new patent and we hope that means this tech will appear soon, it files a lot of patents so we're not holding our breath for underwater iPhone swimming just yet.

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