New Apple TV on track for September launch

San Francisco is set to host the kinda-delayed reveal of the new Apple TV 2 hardware. Probably definitely.

According to sources in the know - y'know, clever Californians - the Apple TV 2 is set to debut this September at Apple's traditional Autumn event.

Normally reserved for getting the crowds whooping and a-hollerin' about a new iPhone launch, the September event on the sun-baked streets of San Francisco will feature the launch of Apple's latest li'l set top box.

Originally penned in for an announcement at WWDC we instead got a full dose of Apple Music right in the face, with no mention of new Apple TV hardware at all. This time though, definitely this time, we'll get new fruity goodness in the Autumn.

Unfortunately, even though it's being announced later than expected, it's still unlikely to be launching with the vaunted Apple TV subscription service.

Like a televisual Apple Music the service is expected to provide a huge raft of programming to give the Apple TV a content boost. Those sources in the know folk are now saying that such a service wont come at launch, but may follow later in the year, though could eventually be pushed back to 2016.

What's in the box?

The new Apple TV hardware is going to be based around the company's impressive A8 SoC silicon with an updated version of the iOS operating system, designed for the TV. With that will come Siri, so when you shout at your tele it might now answer back.

It's also set to come with a funky new remote with touchpad capabilities, so it can really nail that Apple minimalist chic.

It's been a long time since the last Apple TV launched way back in 2012, so now we're sure the Mayan apocalypse has been postponed we're definitely due some new Apple goodness.

via Techradar