New 2019 iPhone 11 shown off in fresh video with iPad Pro inspiration

Is this the new look for the next-generation iPhone XS?

iPhone 11 concept
(Image credit: GamerSky)

The new iPhone, aka the 2019 iPhone 11, or even iPhone XI – the naming jury is clearly still out – could have a new design that's inspired by the new iPad Pro and this is exactly how that would look.

Concept designs for the new iPhone 11 are going to be coming thick and fast between now and next year but this early contender looks brilliant. Since Apple has redesigned the iPad Pro for 2018, it's likely the new iPhone could get the same treatment. Apple does like a uniform look across its products after all.

As a result the concepts from Gamersky show off an iPhone 11 with thinned down outer metal frame, slender top notch and of course that near bezel-free display.

There is still a dual lens rear camera with up and under layout. Also appearing again is the drilled speaker port but now there's a USB-C shaped port instead of the Lightning option at the bottom of the phone – perhaps a combo like on the new MacBook Air.

Much like the new iPad Pro, the iPhone 11 is expected to get a slim down for a more pocket-friendly finish. Here's hoping that doesn't mean losing precious battery space and longevity.

This concept suggests three colour options of white, gold and black although a lot can change between now and next September, so check back for more as it appears.

Luke Edwards

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