New 2018 budget iPhone X will look better than you expected

The 6.1-inch 2018 iPhone X LED screen can be bezel-free and notched? It seems sometimes dreams can come true…

iPhone X

The new budget 2018 iPhone X was rumoured to get a screen downgrade but new evidence suggests the affordable iPhone is shaping up to be a stunner. Far from having a chin like an ironing board, or Lionel Ritchie, it could end up looking much like the current, £1000 Apple phone we all know and tolerate, with LED proving a more than decent stand-in for OLED.

Apple was rumoured to be working on a new budget iPhone X that uses an LCD screen to save money over the current OLED iPhone X. The problem with this is that LCD isn't flexible like OLED so it was thought the 6.1-inch iPhone X would come with a larger chin bezel at the bottom. 

Now a new report suggests that Apple has found a way around this problem. The result should be that even those who go for the budget iPhone X still get that bezel-free notch display. This has apparently been made possible thanks to a new "03.t LED chip" from Japanese manufacturer Nichia. This requires far less bezel space thanks to fewer connectors than traditional LCD screens.

The result of this should be that we get three new iPhone X models in 2018, each with the same display look, in different sizes. Expect them all to be unveiled in September and before then read up on what else to expect in our 2018 iPhone X leaks and rumours story.

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