Netflix's zaniest show returns next week – its Rotten Tomatoes score may shock you

I'm down for a slice: Is It Cake? series 3 returns to Netflix on 29 March

Is It Cak3?
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Netflix has been putting out some absolutely cracking shows of late. The Gentlemen is a super-popular Guy Ritchie crime caper series, which I've been really enjoying. But there's one show that's about to return for season three next week after the 2022 original's success – and just in time for the Easter weekend, on Friday 29 March. 

I'm talking about Is It Cake?, the gameshow in which contestants have to create cakes that look like anything but the sugary goodness from which they're formed. These contestants aren't just bakers, they're artists, let me tell you. And, yes, Is It Cake? is undoubtedly a guilty pleasure that'll split opinion for its zany presenter, Mikey Day, and the wacky nature of its subject matter.

Personally I find it a lot of fun. It's like the lockdown show that hit screens after lockdown, totting up major success at the time. However, while the 2022 original scored moderately with fans of the show, the second season has some scathing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes – where it nets a mere 24% positive rating from audience score. 

I can't deny it: that's a pretty brutal score that might make you think twice about watching the third season (which is stylised as 'Is It Cak3?' for the third season – preferable to 'Is It Cake? Too', though). My hope is that season three will ride the wave of the first show's success and be relentless in its joy and zaniness all the more though. You can get a glimpse of the show in the above trailer. 

The best streaming services have been going from strength to strength of late, with Netflix joined by some stellar Amazon Prime Video additions, while Disney+ continues to pile on must-watch shows to its repertoire. Sure, nothing quite like Is It Cake?, but I like the variety and balance that's on offer. 

Is It Cak3? will consist of eight episodes, all available for binge eating (sorry, watching) from 29 March. Given that it's an Easter weekend, with the Friday and Monday as Bank Holidays, I don't think it'll be difficult to gorge through the whole lot. And even if the Rotten Tomatoes scores come in equally as brutally for season three, I'm still ready to eat it up... 

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