Netflix's new Guy Ritchie series rated higher than original movie – I can't wait

Cockney accents at the ready

The Gentlemen
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Guy Ritchie is the master of a crime thriller and his Netflix series is set to begin on March 7th. The spin-off of The Gentlemen looks epic. 

There's a lot to be said for finding your own niche. Sure some directors like Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan seem to transform with every new film, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with finding what works for you and perfecting it. Guy Ritchie is one of those filmmakers, Yes, he's had dalliances away from his speciality with the likes of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword but when it comes down to it, he's the master of a good crime caper. Preferably one with a host of cockney accents. 

On March 7th a TV adaptation of one Ritchie's best (and most unhinged) films The Gentlemen makes its debut on Netflix, and I'm all in. Telling a story pretty much entirely disconnected from the Hugh Grant/Matthew McConaughey movie, our lead is  Eddie (Theo James) a pretty posh guy who out of the blue inherits a large country estate. Sounds great right? Well, turns out that it's also the site for a large drug empire. Less great. 

They've got no plans of leaving anytime soon, so the eight-episode series sees Eddie take it upon himself to bring down their operation through whatever means necessary. The trailer below is absolutely wild, and you can see plenty of star names including Giancarlo Esposito (AKA Gus from Breaking Bad) and what would a gangster show be without Ray Winstone and Vinnie Jones? Watch out for some textbook foul language right from the start.

It looks bonkers and brilliant right? Early reviews are promising too, suggesting this show isn't 'all mouth no trousers' as some of the characters would inevitably say. The film has a solid 75% on Rotten Tomatoes but this spin-off has managed to outdo it with a superb 88% rating amongst critics at the time of writing. That's a pretty impressive feat.

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