Netflix's new no.1 movie sequel has fans divided – but it won't be top spot for long

Code 8 Part 2 is the Netflix sequel to the 2019 original, and its Rotten Tomatoes audience reviews are contrasting

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Welcome to March, a month in which superpower-themed movies and series are all the rage. We've got Extraordinary returning this week for a series sequel (one of Disney+'s forthcoming must-watch shows), while the new Netflix no.1 movie is a superpower-themed sequel – although I don't expect it'll stay on the top spot for very long – that has fans divided.

Code 8: Part II is, as the title makes more than clear, the second part in the Code 8 movie double whammy, and it's quickly risen to the top spot since exclusively becoming available on Netflix since 28 February. The Rotten Tomatoes score isn't too pretty, with just 67% from critics – but fans typically jump between awarding  1-star and 5-stars in their assessment on the same site (giving it a current 72% average).

Thing is, irrelevant of the movie's divided fanbase, Adam Sandler's new Chernobyl-directed movie, Spaceman, launched on 1 March and that's a shoo-in for the Netflix heavyweight title (despite its clear lack of superpower depiction... unless psychosis counts?). I think that will rise the ranks over this weekend – especially as its peculiar Paul Dano-voiced spider character piques viewers' interest.

Code 8: Part II, meanwhile, doesn't yet seem to have lived up to the original movie's more settled score – which landed a respectable 81% critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes – although, again, fans were equally if not more so divided about the 2019 original. It seems like one of those movie series where you're either going to love it or leave it. 

As I mentioned up top, there's also plenty of choice right now: the top movies on Netflix for March 2024 deliver a whole variety of quality (well, arguably, it'll as ever depend on your taste ), although personally I'm more enticed by forthcoming series – with The Gentlemen, in particular, looking like a highlight of the month. All goes to show why Netflix continues to be one of the best streaming services going.

So what will you be watching? Will it be a Code 8 and Code 8: Part II back-to-back (both are currently in the Netflix Top 10 movies)? Will you be creeping out over Spaceman instead? Or will be you switching your best TV over to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X for a nice gaming session over this rainy weekend? The options seem limitless...

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