Netflix's much-anticipated fantasy movie has critics divided – should you watch?

Fairytale or flop?

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In her new Netflix movie, Millie Bobby Brown finds herself squaring off against a dragon, but it seems like she also has another foe to deal with. Critics. 

Damsel (released today - the 8th of March) is a movie that has been much anticipated by many, including myself, but it seems that not everyone is a fan. The film currently sits at 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, suggesting it's a polarising picture. In fact, that's reminiscent of another Netflix movie which released last week, Adam Sandler's Spaceman. That was a movie that deserved better, but does the streaming service's latest film?  

A traditional fairytale flipped on its head, Millie Bobby Brown plays Elodie, a girl whose dream wedding turns into a nightmare. Her marriage to a prince (Nick Robinson) is a facade and she spends her big day being sacrificed to a terrible dragon instead. That's even worse than having guests wearing white. 

From there Elodie fights to survive the monster and then wreaks revenge on those who tricked her. It sounds fairly straightforward but that's not a bad thing. What has been bad are some of the reviews, The Telegraph gave it just one star while The Independent plumped for two stars stating the script "feels like it was spun out of a series of girlboss Facebook memes," ouch.

That seems particularly harsh, and while I haven't seen it yet (I am at work of course) I would rather make up my own mind. Certainly Bobby Brown is a capable performer and the trailer did a great job of capturing my interest. It resembles Alien or Die Hard with dragons and that just sounds like a must-watch whoever you are. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has an interesting pedigree too, having directed 28 Weeks Later and there's a strong supporting cast with Robin Wright, Angela Bassett and Ray Winstone all featuring. 

Others have been more positive with TotalFilm awarding it three stars, citing the lead performance as its greatest strength saying "It’s Brown who puts the most fire in Damsel’s belly."

Personally, I'm going to make my own opinion and watch this weekend, as well as tune into a small awards show called the Oscars

Andy Sansom
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