Netflix looks to stop subscribers from leaving... by adding live streaming

Netflix shows and stand-up comedy set for big change as a result

Netflix logo and Dave Chappelle
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Netflix is considering introducing live streaming to the platform for the first time in an attempt to draw subscribers back.

As reported by Deadline, Netflix is experimenting with the technology but it won't be to challenge the likes of YouTube and Twitch with user-generated content. No, the service will instead use live streaming to enhance its unscripted shows and stand-up comedy specials. 

One example given was Netflix Is A Joke, the comedy festival in Los Angelos that involved approximately 300 stand-up performances, including Bill Burr, Pete Davidson and Dave Chappelle. The latter of which was involved in an altercation after a man stormed the stage with a replica gun and knife. Another example was talent shows, so that live voting could take place. 

T3 has reached out to Netflix for comment.

The move looks to compete once again more directly with regular broadcast television, which often hosts popular live shows such as American Idol in the US and Britain's Got Talent in the UK. It's potentially set to open up a big avenue for unscripted series, be that comedy or otherwise. The streamer has struggled to crack comedy shows with many of them often being a casualty of Netflix cancellations

A big question with live streaming on Netflix is whether it will look to introduce sport with events such as the Olympics and World Cup known for bringing in big viewers. This is thought to be unrelated to Netflix's plan right now, however, would be interesting to see if it attempted to challenge the field. 

No timeline for when the feature might be introduced was shared, however, Netflix did confirm to Deadline that it was in the "early stages of development". 

Since Netflix revealed that it lost 200,000 subscribers over the first three months of 2022, it has been exploring different options to regain subscribers and recoup costs. One of these ways is by putting an end to password sharing which might be coming a lot sooner than originally anticipated.  

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