Netflix is bringing Sonic Mania Plus to your mobile

Netflix is spending serious cash on its gaming catalogue: the GTA trilogy drops today and there are some fun titles scheduled for 2024

Sonic Mania
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Netflix's gaming catalogue is getting bigger and better. The firm has just announced a tranche of new games coming to iOS and Android including Sonic Mania Plus, Game Dev Tycoon and Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit. And to keep you entertained in the meantime, it's just delivered the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition today (14 December). 

By the time this year calls it quits Netflix will have 86 games available, all of them available to any Netflix subscriber. And it promises that there are another 90 games in development. 

For now the games on offer are for iOS and Android, but Netflix's goal is to make the games as cross-platform as its apps: in a blog on the official Netflix site, the firm says its long-term vision is to make its games playable on every device. It's currently testing games on TVs and PCs in the US, UK and Canada, and says it plans to roll that out to more games and more territories. 

Why Netflix is feeling super Sonic

Sonic Mania Plus is a big win for Netfix, because it's an exclusive to Netflix Games and new to mobile gaming; Sonic Mania is currently a console and PC title. The mobile version, due in 2024, promises to be "the ultimate celebration of past and future" with lots of retro fun as well as new twists on classic zones, new bosses and new obstacles to overcome.

Game Dev Tycoon is also getting a Netflix-exclusive edition, and like its current versions enables you to run your own virtual video development company and create blockbuster games. In the Netflix version you'll be able to develop games based on "some of your favourite films and TV series", which might just be available on a streaming service beginning with "N" and ending with "etflix".

Last but not least there's the sequel to Cozy Grove, a cute adventure that in the sequel enables you to power-wash a ghost with a blowfish. Other previously announced titles include the wonderful Monument Valley games and a spin-off from Zach Snyder's sci-fi epic Rebel Moon.

It's an interesting mix of titles, and fits with Netflix's stated goal of "building a portfolio with variety and breadth so eventually all of our members can find a game on Netflix they love." 

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