Netflix is adding a brilliant Oscar-nominated comedy movie this month

Cheer up triangle, you're coming to Netflix!

Triangle of sadness
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Some films these days are guilty of treating their audience like goldfish. If something doesn't explode or there isn't a massive twist every two minutes then they're worried people will start switching off. Those people won't like the Best Picture-nominated movie that hits Netflix's shores this month. 

Triangle of Sadness is a 2022 feature that is almost the definition of a slow burn. It's a fascinatingly unique movie that takes an incredible left turn about halfway through. That's not to say it's not worth your time before then either. Make a note in your schedule, because it hits the streaming service on April 27th.

This black comedy is a satire of some of the worst aspects of Western culture, so it of course centres around a couple comprised of a model (Harris Dickinson) and an influencer (Charlbi Dean - gone way too soon). Yaya (dean) even admits to Carl's face that she is with him for the publicity and he is very much an 'Instagram Boyfriend' tasked with taking countless pictures of her for the sole purpose of putting forward a desirable life on social media. 

The two are invited on a luxury cruise (way beyond their pay grade) in exchange for a few social media posts where they meet a host of ultra-wealthy, ultra-obnoxious guests and a stellar turn by Woody Harrelson as the ship's captain. From there it's far from plain sailing. I'm reminded of The Menu and its message of respecting service workers, whoever you are. 

It won't be for everyone but this is a film that skewers pretty much everybody in it. There are no heroes, just varying degrees of sociopaths. Plus there's literally a ten-minute scene of people throwing up from food poisoning, I can't help but smile at the Academy Awards panel sitting through that, and wonder if they get the irony. 

This was something of a breakthrough role for Harris Dickinson and he has since become one of the most exciting young actors in Hollywood, including a supporting part in one of the best shows of 2023, A Murder at the End of the World. It's a massive shame that we never saw what the future held for Charlbi Dean but this is a film that will live long in the memory. 

Andy Sansom
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