Netflix has Hugh Grant's next big role – it looks grrreat!

The role of a lifetime

(Image credit: Netflix)

Hugh Grant plays cereal mascot Tony the Tiger in a bizarre comedy movie coming to Netflix. Unfrosted is the story of the invention of the Pop-Tart.

Hugh Grant's favourite colour must be orange. That's the only explanation I can have with the Notting Hill star going from playing an Oompa Loompa in Wonka to beloved cereal mascot Tony the Tiger in upcoming Netflix movie Unfrosted. The serial star, turned cereal star, also allegedly had to audition for the first time in thirty years to land the role. So what is the film that has Hugh so convinced? 

Written/directed by and starring Jerry Seinfeld (of Seinfeld and Bee Movie fame), Unfrosted is the story of popular breakfast snack Pop-Tarts, yes really. Set in Michigan in 1963 the movie follows rivals Kellog's and Post as they compete to get the upper hand in a breakfast-based arms race and be the first to create the Pop-Tart. High stakes indeed. These kind of corporation based comedy movies are a popular subgenre of recent times, see the excellent Blackberry for one example and I guess Barbie was too (in a way). 

See the Love Actually star himself as the beloved Tiger in this image shared originally with Empire. It's the happiest I've seen Hugh look in some time. 

Hugh Grant as Tony the tiger

(Image credit: Netflix/Empire)

It's hard to think a project like this would ever get off the ground without streaming services, but that's not all, it even has an ensemble cast of big names onboard. As well as Seinfeld and Grant, Amy Schumer, Christian Slater and Melissa McCarthey are just some of the supporting cast. 

This isn't just some idea that Seinfeld came up with over an empty stomach and bowl of cornflakes either, as far back as 2010 he has talked publicly on talk shows about his fascination with the Pop-Tart story. They do say to write what you're passionate about. 

Unfrosted launches on Netflix on May 3rd. Don't skip it, and don't skip breakfast. 

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