The 5 sweetest things about Wonka

A world of pure imagination

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I was initially sceptical as to why we needed another WIlly Wonka movie. The original is an undoubted classic, and the less said about the nightmare-fueling Johnny Depp version the better. I was wrong, Wonka might be (and whisper it) as good as the original. 

If you've got a sweet tooth, or are just after a heart-warming adventure then I highly recommend spending an evening with Mr Wonka and his marvellous creations. Here are the five sweetest things about Wonka (not including Timothée Chalamet's cheekbones).

1. The music


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I wasn't expecting Wonka to be a full on musical, and I was all the more pleasantly surprised for it. I was reminded of another excellent musical, The Greatest Showman, for all the right reasons. 

Watching at Dolby HQ I could really get into the magic of the soundtrack, with Dolby Atmos definitely enhancing the experience. Not only does the movie lean heavily on the iconic 'Pure Imagination' but the original numbers have been fixtures on my Spotify ever since the final credits. 

Personal highlights include the opening number "A Hatful of Dreams" and "Sweet Tooth". If Timothée Chalamet wasn't talented enough, you'll be green with envy once you hear him start singing. 

2. The cast


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Alongside Mr Chalamet, there's a plethora of big names in a fantastic supporting cast. Keegan Michael Key is superb as the Chief of Police while much has been made of Hugh Grant's Oompa Loompa.

What really stole my attention however was the number of big name British stars. Olivia Colman and Tom Davies are a superb pairing I never knew I needed while our trio of villainous chocolatiers (Matthew Baynton, Matt Lucas and Paterson Joseph) are absolute scene stealers. Rowan Atkinson also features, in all of his goofy glory. 

Interestingly enough I noted that a large portion of the cast were from Peep Show, the long-running British sitcom, which I found particularly amusing. 

3. The look


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Although we never know the name of the city Wonka is set it, the locales are pure eye candy. Filmed around the most picturesque parts of the UK, the city looks like a Wes Anderson inspired dream. Colours are rich and bold, and everything is perfect. Willy's outfit is of course a rich purple and his suitcase full of surprises positively steampunk.

Of course, once Willy gets his shop up and going, there's a visual feast too, reminiscent of the original movie. No spoilers but the sense of nostalgia is a strong one. 

4. The chocolate 

It wouldn't be a Wonka movie without some crazy confectionery and there's plenty on show here. Willy's finest sweets are exquisitely crafted goodies made with fanciful ingredients (Giraffe milk anyone?) that produce otherworldly effects. If you thought an everlasting gobstopper was a neat trick, wait until you see what's on the menu here.

Whether its the lighter than air Hover choc, a entire night out in one bite, or a sweet treat made literally of lightning, if you can imagine it, Willy has probably made it.  

5. The warm feeling inside


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Like sipping a hot chocolate, there's something about Wonka that will leave you all warm and fuzzy inside. As a festive movie in particular I can see this becoming a regular watch. The movie's message is very much a heartwarming one, and in this jaded world that we live in, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Wonka's love for his mother is particularly moving and while many movies today feel obliged to shoehorn in a love story, it was refreshing to see a movie focused on friendship not relationships. 

In all, I highly recommend watching Wonka this holiday season, but make sure to bring plenty of snacks with you, or you will hear your stomach start rumbling. 

It's not essential, but if you want a refresher of the original, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is streaming on Sky in the UK and Max in the US. 

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