Move over iMac, HP's new portable PC is a battery-powered WFH game-changer

The HP Envy Move All-in-One PC is a battery-powered 23.8in all-in-one PC – you can move it whenever & wherever you want

HP Envy Move all-in-one PC 23.8-inch lifestyle image
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Move over Apple iMac, for HP has just revealed a first-of-its-kind device: an all-in-one 23.8-inch PC that's battery-powered so you can move it wherever and whenever you want. It's aptly called the HP Envy Move All-in-One PC – and I'm already fascinated by the idea of it. 

As a home worker, I'm often to always sat in front of my laptop at my desk. Sometimes two laptops, actually, as I'll be using one of the best MacBooks – it's usually my MacBook Air, much as I love the MacBook Pro 16in – and simultaneously testing out one of the best laptops as part of my job. 

My posture is often a little wanting, therefore, and I should really invest in a decent monitor or, as HP has just delivered, an all-in-one PC that I don't need to always plug into the wall. It might sound niche, but I can foresee plenty of other times when I'd actually want to use a PC such as this. I do love Apple's M1 iMac, of course, but that's not exactly mobile (nor budget).

Some days I sit at the kitchen table to keep an eye out for deliveries (and make sure vans don't block the drive). Other days I go to the living room to test out the best TVs, or watch a showcase on the big screen – such as the Made by Google Pixel 8 reveal – whilst typing away on another device. There's a high-seating bar at the back where a mobile PC, such as the HP Envy Move All-in-One, would fit just perfectly and without the need to trail cables around the room.

The Envy Move does pose some questions, though, as devices not running on mains power are typically throttled when it comes to raw compute, while the battery longevity being listed at 4-hours between charges is only going to cater to me for four hours. That's still half a workday, mind, and given the flexibility and ease of portability that's hardly going to be a problem – I could pop it on charge whilst I cycle 18 miles at lunchtime anyway.

In terms of core specification, this 23.8-inch display is QHD in resolution (that's 2560 × 1440), can be kitted out with up to a 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and 16GB RAM, so you'll not be left wanting. There's a built-in kickstand, too, to ensure easy positioning, and as you can see from the lifestyle image gallery embedded above the design is relatively slim and easily portable too. 

Interestingly the HP Envy Move 23.8in all-in-one PC will be priced from $899, which is a significant portion of cash lower than Apple's M1-sporting iMac, which has a from $1,299 list price. That's a really interesting value proposition in the US – although it's a more significant £1199.99 in the UK – but I'm really looking forward to seeing this new portable all-in-one this week at HP Imagine 2023, the company's new headquarters-based showcase. 

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