Move over Google Pixel 7 – Pixel 8 specs may have just been leaked

After the success of the Google Pixel 7, this Pixel 8 could be a gamechanger

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The Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro were released just over a month ago, and came with rave reviews thanks to an intelligent array of software upgrades and AI-powered features.

Now, popular tipster, WinFuture, has announced details of two new Google Pixel models, which could be the first signs of the Google Pixel 8 range. The details are taken from public source code, and mention two models. 

"Husky" and "Shiba" are the codenames given, with Husky likely to be a Pro variant thanks to a better display resolution. It has a 2822x1344 display, compared to 2268x1080 on the Shiba. Both of those would be compatible with expectations of a higher-end handset.

Elsewhere, both devices are running Android 14, codenamed "Upside Down Cake", and feature a new processor. "Zuma" is believed to be the next generation of the Tensor chips which Google uses. Little could be gleamed from the code itself, though WinFuture does state that it uses the same modem as the current generation Tensor G2

More noteworthy is that both devices are listed as having 12GB of RAM. That would be a decent upgrade, especially for the base model, where only 8GB is currently offered, and would make the user experience much slicker.

It should be noted that there is nothing to confirm that these devices are the next generation of Pixel. It's possible that they are simply test devices for Google's in-house team.

If this is the next generation of Pixel, though, it's a strong start. Last year, the Pixel 7 was slated before release as its spec sheet showed minimal deviation from its predecessor. Then, when it came out, a range of software innovations reminded us that the upgrades aren't always found in the hardware. Seeing a boost to the specs is welcome though, and should add more firepower to the Pixel. 

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