This Mountain Hardwear backpack for hiking and alpine adventures is tougher than Bear Grylls

The Alpine Light 35 Backpack is made from nigh-on indestructible material, helping it survive the rough and tumble of the trail

Person skiing whilst wearing the Mountain Hardwear Alphine Light 35 Backpack
(Image credit: Mountain Hardware)

When a backpack comes along that’s stuffed to the gills with storage, super-techy features and a healthy dollop of style, we take note. That’s why we’re sounding the ‘stylish and super-technical backpack’ klaxon for Mountain Hardwear Alpine Light Backpack, a rucksack tailor made for hiking, alpine climbing and fast and light outdoors adventures.  

Available in a 28L version and a 35L version, the waterproof Alpine Light Backpack has been created from a super-rugged material that’s responsible for its all-white looks. 

Dyneema fabric (also known as Cuben fibre), is used to make a host of nigh-on indestructible things such as racing yacht sails and climbing slings, and it’s the very material the Alpine Light is made from.

So if you’ve been searching for a backpack that’s tough yet lightweight and stylish enough to sometimes pull double-duty as an everyday outdoors rucksack, this one is well worth checking out.  

Mountain Hardwear Alphine Light 35 Backpack

(Image credit: Mountain Hardware)

The Mountain Hardwear design department have riffed upon the strengths of that super-hero material to make a very minimalist looking yet feature-stacked backpack that will look at home anywhere from the Tube to the Torres del Paine. 

The Alpine Light 35 Backpack incorporates plenty of low-hassle design features that deliver when you need them to, but stay out of the way when you don’t. For example, the backsystem is a tubular alloy support and a foam pad, which is removable for when super-light hiking speed is required. 

You can also use it as an emergency bivvy pad or seat when you’re taking a break on the trail or when you’ve finished climbing for the day. 

Mountain Hardwear Alphine Light 35 Backpack close up

(Image credit: Mountain Hardware)

There are easy to use attachment points for axes, walking poles, probes and ski gear, plus an internal hydration reservoir pocket. Want more storage? Take your pick of the various pockets, ideal for stashing smaller outdoors essentials like sunblock, a compass or energy gels.

As well as offering superhero strength, the Mountain Hardwear Alpine Light Backpack for hiking, alpine climbing and outdoor adventures is one of the lightest and most robust technical backpacks on the market. A winning combination if ever we’ve seen one.