Want a cheap 5G phone? Moto Z4 Play is a 5G smartphone and it looks STUNNING

And Motorola's phones are usually highly affordable…

Moto Z4 Play concept
(Image credit: CompareRaja)

The Moto Z4 Play has, until now, largely remained a mystery, but it looks like the new  sibling to the G Series handset is coming soon and it's not only bringing a stunning bezel-free display but 5G too.

These images come from CompareRaja which has mocked up the concepts based on leaks from Steve Hemmerstoffer. As a reliable leak source this could actually be what we end up seeing when the Moto Z4 Play gets launched.

That 6.2-inch screen is the most obvious positive as it offers a real bezel free screen similar to the iPhone XS, by using a water-drop style notch for the selfie camera. 

This single lens front-facing camera will be joined by another single lens snapper on the back, supported by an LED flash. There's no word on power here but the lens does protrude from the rear of the phone suggesting it's packing in a fair amount of grunt.

While there is a headphone 3.5mm port, USB-C and a top placed speaker, there isn't a fingerprint reader. This suggests the Z4 Play may use an under-screen fingerprint sensor, likely optical rather than the advanced ultrasonic sensor that's expected to appear on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Another killer feature is the addition of the Moto Mods adapter on the rear. This, according to the source as well as previous rumours, will support a 5G add-on. This should mean the phone can handle higher speed internet connections when they become available – a great future-proofing feature.

Watch this space for more leaks as the approaching release date, which is as yet unknown, approaches. 

Luke Edwards

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