MLS Beats show how far the US soccer league has come

Soccer or football? Who cares when it looks this good

Inter Miami player Lionel Messi mid-stride in the iconic baby pink kit
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The MLS has partenered with Beats to provide players with custom headphones sporting the colours and badge of the teams. Currently there are 8 different designs, including Messi's Inter Miami.  

There may be a certain Mr Lionel Messi helping Americans fall in love with the beautiful game, but it would be remiss not to mention to sheer standard of football/soccer. There's no better advert for the sport than seeing the likes of Messi, Sergio Busquets and Lorenzo Insigne bring their sheer quality to the competition. 

What's also great is that you can watch every single game in the same place (a rare luxury for Brits). Apple TV+ offers its MLS Season Pass for complete coverage of the competition, and now one of its subsidiaries, Beats has partnered with the MLS. 

From this season, which kicks off tomorrow, players will have "the opportunity to wear Beats headphones and earphones on the pitch pre- and post-match." These custom cans will sport the crest and colour scheme of their team and I have to be honest, a few of these designs have me trying to go pro to get my hands on a pair. 

For now, there are only 8 of the 29 teams represented but they look glorious. Obviously, Messi's Inter Miami is represented by Atlanta United, Columbus Crew, , LAFC, Nashville SC, NYCFC, St. Louis CITY SC, and Toronto FC also featuring. I have to be honest, the Toronto FC set looks like a must-buy with that design. 

MLS Beats

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But here's the problem, there's currently no word on whether they will go on sale or remain just for the players to wear. Surely we can expect them to be released once the season gets underway? Fans love to represent their team any way possible and this also comes with a great pair of headphones

Still not sold on the MLS? Perhaps you're a football traditionalist? Well it could be argued that the MLS is a return to the good old days. The likes of the Premier League feature such a disparity of resources, even within the same competition. In the MLS, the teams all have the same salary cap and squad restrictions, teams may only pay three 'designated players' gigantic wages, and the rest are on (in footballing terms) more reasonable money. If you're disenchanted with European competition, it's worth embracing the growth of the MLS. 

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