Mission’s new speakers are beautiful and bookshelf-friendly

If you've been hankering after a pair of Mission 770s but lack the space or cash, the new Mission 750 could be the perfect pair

Mission 750
(Image credit: Mission)

Mission are one of the best loved names in high-end hi-fi, and that means the announcement of a new speaker set is big news indeed. But while the news may be big, the new Mission 750 speakers aren't: they're bookshelf speakers measuring just 355x216x270mm (HxWxD).

The white baffles and prominent Mission logo hark back to the Mission speakers of the past, and inside you'll find Mission's famous inverted drivers, known as Inverted Driver Geometry or IDG for short. It's immediately obvious when you look at the speakers without their grilles: where you'd normally see the treble unit at the top and the mid/bass driver below, these speakers and other Mission speakers reverse that and put the bass and mid driver above the treble one.

Mission says that IDG delivers an enhanced stereo image and a seamlessly coherent and transparent sound. The 135mm mid/bass cone is made from mineral-infused polypropylene for tight and accurate bass, while the treble unit incorporates a 28mm lightweight, damped microfibre dome.

Although the speakers come with grilles I think it'd be a real shame to cover them up: these are gorgeous-looking speakers with a whole bunch of personality. 

High-end performance without sky-high prices

The new Mission 750 speakers are part of the same family as the larger Mission 770 speakers, which our colleagues at What Hi-Fi gave five stars and a 2023 award to. The 770s combined retro styling with modern audio tech to superb effect: "these new Mission 770 are right up there with the very best at this price... The 770 have a range of sonic talents that sets them apart from most rivals and earns them a glowing recommendation."

According to Mission's director of acoustic design, Peter Comeau, "The 750 fits into Mission’s current range as a compact speaker for those who admire the much-acclaimed 770’s retro design and captivating sound but are unable to accommodate it physically and financially." Where the 770s are currently north of £3,000 for a pair, the new 750s are a much more affordable £899.

There are two colours to choose from, walnut or black wood veneer, and the Mission 750 speakers will be available from the middle of April 2024.

Carrie Marshall

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