Meater launches its smartest meat thermometer yet, the Meater 2 Plus

The Meater 2 Plus has been given a whole suite of smart feature upgrades

Meater 2 Plus launch
(Image credit: Meater)

Smart meat thermometer brand, Meater has just launched its new Meater 2 Plus, its smartest and most advanced product yet. Improving on an already brilliant meat thermometer, the Meater 2 Plus has been given major design and feature upgrades which home chefs and culinary experts will love.

Meater is a leading name in the cooking thermometer industry, with the Original Meater sitting highly in our best meat thermometer guide. Following the success of the original and Meater Block Temperature Probe, the latest Meater 2 Plus has been given some serious advancements, specifically its open flame cooking and Bluetooth technology.

The Meater 2 Plus is the ultimate kitchen tool that can be used during various different cooking methods, including roasting, smoking, grilling, deep fat frying and air frying. It’s been given many upgrades, including the first-of-its-kind direct open flame high-heat grilling.

For meat searing and grilling on the best barbecues, the Meater 2 Plus can be used over the direct heat of an open flame and can reach an ambient temperature of 500°C with a maximum internal temperature of 105°C. For better precision and monitoring, the Meater 2 Plus has been given five internal temperature sensors and one ambient sensor. These Smart Temp Multisensors detect the real core temperatures of meat to guarantee perfect cooking results each time.

The full metal probe is constructed with a stainless steel ambient end which also helps detect the correct temperature and withstand the highest heats. With a diameter of 5mm, the Meater 2 Plus is 30% slimmer and stronger than the original. It’s also more durable than before and waterproof, so it can be used during deep fat frying or sous vide preparations.

Meater 2 Plus being used in a chicken

(Image credit: Meater)

Another exciting advancement of the Meater 2 Plus is its wireless connectivity. With its patented high-performance antenna and optimised design, the Meater 2 Plus has an extended wireless range and has a built-in range booster in the charger. The charger can now charge up to 50% in just 15 minutes and the fully charged probe can last for 24 hours.

To use the Meater 2 Plus, you’ll need to download the Meater app which is available on iOS and Android devices. The app shows you the internal, ambient and desire temperatures of the meat you’re cooking and shows you the time it’ll take until it’s cooked. Meater has updated its app with the new Meater Master Class in-app feature which offers a range of recipes and techniques to try for better cooking results.

The new addition to the Meater family has launched at the perfect time, with the Christmas season right around the corner. Having tried the Meater 2 Plus and the original Meater, I can safely say that the smart feature updates are definitely worth upgrading to. Read our full Meater 2 Plus review for more information.

The Meater 2 Plus is now available to buy on the Meater website for £119.

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