83-inch LG OLED TV is a MASSIVE deal with over £2,000 off for Prime Day

Get a gigantic 83-inch TV with a gigantic saving on Amazon Prime Day

LG G2 83 inch evo Gallery Edition
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We've officially hit silly season this Prime Day, There comes a point where we always see massive TVs with significant discounts and this deal for the LG G2 83 inch evo Gallery Edition is definitely one of them. 

The LG G2 83-inch evo Gallery Edition is currently £3999 on Amazon, That's an incredible £2300 saving from its previous price. For one of the best OLED TVs to drop by this much is a rare opportunity. 

LG G2 83 inch evo Gallery Edition: was £6299 now £3999 at Amazon

LG G2 83 inch evo Gallery Edition: was £6299 now £3999 at Amazon
A monster telly with a monster saving, this 83-inch OLED LG TV boasts an incredible picture, strong audio and a super thin design that lights up any wall. If you've got the space, this is the TV to get. 

While it may be big, that doesn't mean the G2 is a cumbersome TV. Measuring just 28mm thin, it's a sleek wall-mounted display that uses LG's own OLED EVO technology, a combination of its beautiful panel and super advanced Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor. 

Despite this svelte frame, that's not to say that the G2 lacks depth when it comes to audio. Of course, it will benefit from one of the best soundbars or one of the best surround sound systems but out of the box it's a strong sound performer with virtual rear and overhead channels that create an immersive audio experience worthy of its Dolby Atmos certification. 

Gamers shouldn't discount this TV either, as with four HDMI ports it's super easy to switch between consoles and other inputs and a 120HZ refresh rate will help you maximise frame rate when gaming.

In all, there's a lot to love about the LG G2 83-inch evo Gallery Edition, but it's going to come down to two questions. 1. Can you afford it? 2. Do you have a wall to mount it on?  If you answer yes to both of those questions then you seriously need to consider this deal. 

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