MacBook users just got a cute gaming upgrade

Two big titles just got the Apple seal of approval

The cat tries to hold onto a ledge in Stray
(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

When you think of the best gaming laptop, it's unlikely that you'll picture a MacBook. While they've traditionally been loved for creative pursuits and office work, they never really caught on with gamers.

That's something Apple wants to change. In recent years, they've made a concerted effort to improve gaming performance on their systems, with a helping hand from the fantastically powerful Apple Silicon chip range.

And with WWDC 2023 right around the corner, the brand have announced a duo of top titles which will soon be available to Mac users. The first is No Man's Sky – an open world adventure game which has earned rave reviews recently, after a series of updates gave it a new lease of life.

Now, details have emerged of Stray joining the fray. The title sees users take control of a lost cat, forming an unlikely friendship with a drone and battling through a cybercity.

It's a cool addition. What's perhaps more interesting is that both of those titles come from indie developers. Traditionally, those would more likely be associated with hardcore gamers. Apple, it seems, is going straight for the jugular.

With the addition of No Man's Sky, many are also prophesising that it will be found on the highly-anticipated Apple Reality Pro headset. That's widely rumoured to debut at the event, marking Apple's first attempt at a VR headset.

Could we also see a VR version of Stray? It's certainly possible. There are versions out there that have been adapted for the format, and they do so well. We'll know for sure come Monday evening, when the event takes place – find out more about how to watch WWDC here.

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