Looking for a bargain dive watch? This could be the answer to your prayers

The Dan Henry 1970 is back in a 44mm case – and it looks stunning!

The new Dan Henry 1970 in 44mm on a white background
(Image credit: Dan Henry)

If you're on the hunt for the best dive watch, you've got a lot of options. Top of the list for many, of course, is the iconic Rolex Submariner. Others may opt for an Omega Seamaster, with all of its James Bond connotations.

Many of us opt for a cheaper dive watch, though. That certainly makes some sense – if you plan on taking it in the water, wearing a five-figure timepiece seems unnecessarily risky.

And if you're looking for a more affordable dive watch, the Dan Henry 1970 represents one of the best options on the market. I had the pleasure of reviewing the 40mm version earlier this year, and was blown away by just how good a circa $300 watch could be.

Now, Dan Henry have released a new version of the 44mm 1970. The original version was the first automatic watch Dan Henry ever produced, and sold out – almost all Dan Henry watches are limited runs – around four years ago.

These aren't direct copies, though. Instead, they take the iconic design and redress it, with some slightly updated colour options. 

Inside, you'll find the same reliable Seiko NH35 movement. That packs a 41-hour power reserve and comes with Date and No Date options. 

The 1970's dual-crown design remains, with the crown at 2 o'clock adjusting the internal dive bezel, while the one at 4 o'clock handles setting of the time and date. The dual-crown also helps this watch to feel a little more manageable on the wrist, reducing the width that a 3 o'clock crown would add.

It's rated for 200m of water resistance, too – perfect for the diving you definitely won't do, and more than good enough for the occasional swim you probably will. That's helped by a screw-down crown at the 4 o'clock position.

You can buy the 1970 on the Dan Henry website.

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