Little Bedz: Sleepeezee's newest mattress offers kids comfortable and long lasting support

Put a stop to those bedtime battles once and for all!

 Sleepeezee Little Bedz mattress
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The summer holidays are finally here whether you want them to be or not, and we hope you've been having some fun-filled adventures over the last few weeks. Whether you're out and about most days (read our guide on keeping your kids cool in the heat if so!) or just spending time at home, it's a lovely time to reconnect with your kids and simply let them have a good break. 

If you're brave, you may have promised your child a bedroom makeover. When I was growing up, the summer holidays meant my sisters and I were allowed to change our rooms around as a way of welcoming in the new academic year. If this is on your agenda, then we've got some good news, and it comes in the form of mattresses

This summer, Sleepeezee is excited to announce the launch of its newest product range, Little Bedz. Made and manufactured just for your little ones, Little Bedz provides cosy and bounce proof comfort, offering complete support on both sleep and play mode. Carefully designed for the growing needs of your children, the range offers exceptional support and comfort whether you’re buying their first bed or upgrading an existing one.

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What is the Little Bedz range?

Handmade and expertly crafted at Sleepeezee’s factory Kent, the Little Bedz range has been designed as a bed that’s worth going to bed for. Forget bedtime battles, as with their solid structure, Little Bedz are tried and tested to keep up with all kid’s jumping and excitement. Sleepeezee’s affordable new range is designed to last longer and make bedtime fun again.

Little Bedz ticks all the boxes for a good night’s sleep, with a sprinkle of Sleepeezee magic. Its pocket spring technology adjusts accordingly to your child’s body shape, meaning their mattress grows with them, providing maximum support all the way up to their teenage years. Little Bedz also combine traditional techniques with innovative designs to provide children with a safe place to sleep soundly.

The new range even offers anti-allergy properties so your kids can finally enjoy a cool, clean night’s sleep on the mattress of their dreams.

Amy Curtis, Head of Marketing at Sleepeezee commented: "It is a real pleasure to introduce Little Bedz, our newest product addition providing fun and long-lasting comfort for children. At Sleepeezee, we understand that finding a durable and comfortable mattress for your child can be challenging. With Little Bedz, we’ve made it easy for our customers to give their children the bed of their dreams."

Sleepeezee is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and offers a ten-year guarantee on all its mattresses, including Little Bedz. This means your kid’s mattress will grow with them and last.


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Little Bedz: price and availability 

Each Little Bedz mattress comes with free delivery within 2-4 weeks, excluding standard website surges to specific regions. 

The range includes the Glow model, a single bed offering starting from £279 and the Shine model, a small double competitively priced from £309. Both mattresses are available to purchase with a standard divan, or Sleepeezee’s new Storeaway divan which has hidden storage along the side of the bed, providing a comfortable and convenient bed for your kid’s room. 

To learn more about Sleepeezee’s Little Bedz range or to purchase one, visit their website


(Image credit: Sleepeezee)

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