Limited edition Citizen Attesa embraces moon phase tech for a stunning anniversary wristwatch

Launches alongside a limited edition Citizen xC

Citizen Attesa limited edition
(Image credit: Citizen)

Citizen has announced two limited edition timepieces to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand's first radio controlled wristwatch.

The limited edition Citizen Attesa and Citizen xC watches each sport the maker's latest in-house radio controlled movement. They each share a blue ink-jet printed dial design, although the Attesa takes things to the next level with fully automated analogue moon phase functionality too.

Much has been said about moon phase watch technology in recent times and this proprietary "Luna Program" variant similarly tracks a lunar cycle that takes around 29.5 days to complete. It works by assessing the moon's position each day through information gathered from the built-in perpetual calendar.

The result can be seen on a secondary dial, with the Moon slowly moving inside. The rest of the overall aesthetic has been designed to represent a night sky full of stars.

Citizen Attesa limited edition

(Image credit: Citizen)

The special "moon phase" Citizen Attesa also has sapphire glass to protect the face and a "Super Titanium" case. This is a proprietary form of titanium that has been treated with surface hardening tech and is claimed to be five times harder than stainless steel.

Battery life can last up to two-and-a-half years (in power save mode) before needing to be replaced.

Just 1,700 of the limited edition Citizen Attesa have been made for worldwide release. It will be available from November for £1,395.

The limited edition Citizen xC has a similar "star-filled sky" aesthetic on the face, but with a Sun and Moon function rather than moon phase technology.

It is no less stunning however, with the secondary dial showing the day and night cycle in real time. The face is also accented through the use of two lab-grown diamonds.

It too comes with a Super Titanium band and casing, with sapphire glass once again employed to protect the dial.

The Eco-Drive power technology is capable of running this particular wristwatch up to four years (on Power Save), even with the latest radio control functionality on board.

Also available in November, the special version of the Citizen xC will be limited to just 1,200 pieces and be priced at £1,195.

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