Lego Super Mario sets are getting supercharged, with Mario Kart on the horizon

Watch out for blue shells

Lego Mario Kart teaser
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Mario Kart Lego is coming. As part of Mar10 Day, sets inspired by the kart racer were announced for 2025. 

Do you know how to get a boost start in Mario Kart? You have to hold accelerate just as the '2' starts disappearing on the countdown. Luckily I don't think you'll need perfect timing with the latest arrivals in the franchise,

Teased as part of Mar10 day (March 10th, get it?) the brief video - just 18 seconds long - revealed that the sets will be racing in 2025, so there's time to save up your gold coins still. 

That was far from the only Lego set based on our favourite Italian plumber announced, however. Coming in 2024 is the Bowser Express train, a massive 1392-piece set with a train featuring the Koopa King's likeness as well as accompanying carriages. Sticking with the villains of the series is King Boo's Haunted Mansion, a 932-piece set which looks spookily fun.

Lego Bowser Train

(Image credit: Nintendo, Lego)

Back to the kart racer, however, what can we expect from the sets? Well, the teaser has a silhouette of the classic default kart design, which is pretty much a given but I'd love some of the character-specific karts and bikes to make their way to shelves too. I'd expect at least a few to come with one of the signature weapons in the series (at least a banana). As for bigger sets, can we possibly get a massive Rainbow Road-inspired build?

So why is the Mario Kart gear coming out later? Well 2025 is pretty much confirmed as the year we'll see the Nintendo Switch 2 launch, and perhaps there'll be a new Mario Kart game to coincide with the Lego release. Mario Kart is the best game on the current Switch so it makes absolute sense that it would be a killer app for a new console. I for one will be using a Bullet Bill to be first in line if that is the case. 

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