Latest AllTrails software update adds ton of new features – my favourite feature is the mosquito indicator

Now users will know whether they need that all-important mozzie spray, can tour a trail before stepping outside and more!

AllTrails app updates
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Since I was introduced to the AllTrails app over a year ago, it instantly became one of the most used apps on my phone. Finding routes right on your doorstep with real people reviews, pictures, weather updates, and all-important trail info are just a few of the great features that the app offers. But, AllTrails members are getting access to a ton of new features, and the one I’m most excited about is the mosquito indicator.

I know what you’re probably thinking ‘why?’ well, let me tell you, nothing can quite ruin a hike like being personally attacked by the entire cast of A Bugs Life, and this feature can prevent that from happening. 

The new feature has been added to trail pages and it can be found directly underneath your chosen trail’s weather forecast. A dial then indicates whether there’s 'none', ‘low’, ‘some’, or ‘peak’ mosquito activity on your trail, so you’ll know whether you need to pop your bug spray in your hiking backpack, or if it’s safe to leave at home – brilliant! 

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The only snag is that it's only available to AllTrails+ members, as is the new advanced weather conditions (where users can check the forecast for different times in the day), and ground conditions. They'll also be able to view routes in 3D too. But don't panic, there are plenty of new updates that regular members can enjoy too!

One of these is the newly redesigned trail pages so you can suss out everything you need to know about your trail, quicker. When users click on a trail they'll now find all the key info at the top of the page – such as distance, time difficulty, and elevation – so you can make a quick decision on whether that trail is right for you. Plus, at the bottom of the page AllTrails have added an AI-powered summary of people's reviews, just in case you don't have time to scroll through them all.

The photo gallery has had major improvements too. Previously, users would simply swipe through photos that people had taken during their outings. Now, there’s an option to preview pictures from different points along your chosen trail and you can even see what it’s like during different seasons.

AllTrails Park Pages feature showing on a mobile phone

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There's also a new 'collections' feature, which includes different tabs underneath the search bar where you can browse curated trails by location, popular sights, and even preferences, such as 'dog-friendly trails', 'waterfalls', and more. While further inspiration can be found on the new ‘Park Pages’, where members can explore local, state, regional, and national parks worldwide, with top trail recommendations, opening hours, and fee information.

Most of these updates will now be available to AllTrail users, but just make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded, otherwise they may not show up.

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