Kokoon's new sleep headphones are a dream for side sleepers

The feature-packed in-ear NightBuds may just be the AirPods Pro of sleep aids – and at a similar price

A woman sleeping and wearing Kokoon Nightbuds
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Update: We've now had a chance to test these out. Head straight to our Kokoon Nightbuds review for the full low-down. 

 Having trouble getting to sleep? If the embrace of Morpheus is constantly eluding you, you might have tried all manner of techniques designed to help you get the sleep you need. Simply changing your pre-bedtime eating habits can help, or alternatively there are plenty of things you can try to shake up your sleep habits. But if the technological approach appeals to you, there's a new piece of kit on the market  that could help you on the way to super slumber.

We're already fans of Kokoon's Sleep Headphones, but they're not quite perfect. They can definitely pave the way to quality sleep, but they're expensive, they can take a while to get used to, and they're not a lot of use for side sleepers; see our Kokoon Sleep Headphones review for all the details. They are, however, sitting pretty at the top of our best sleep headphones roundup; but possibly not for long, because now you can finally order Kokoon's new NightBuds, and all the signs are that they're the sleep headphones we've been waiting for.

Kokoon Nightbuds

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These sweet in-ears address most of the issues we have with Kokoon's Sleep Headphones. For starters, they're a lot more comfortable to wear and they're good for any sleeping position. At just 6mm thick they're nearly three times thinner than the average in-ears, so they're suitable for side sleepers to wear all night.

However, what's really got us excited is the range of features on offer. While the NightBuds are super-slim, Kokoon has cleverly packed a lot of smart technology into a separate section that goes behind your head where it shouldn't be felt when you're lying in bed, and this can deliver some impressive sleep assistance.

NightBuds can be used to stream music and also make calls. and they're compatible with most listening services including Apple Music, Audible, Spotify, YouTube, Calm and headspace as well Kokoon's own in-app audio, and when they detect you're falling asleep they'll gently fade out the audio. And if unwanted noise is preventing you from sleeping, the NightBuds will help with both noise isolation and intelligent noise masking. Claimed by Kokoon to be more than three times better than the best active noise cancellation, this technology gradually introduces specially tuned white noise as you fall asleep, which smooths out the sort of sound peaks that might wake you up in the night.

The NightBuds' built-in PPG and accelerometers continuously monitor your sleep quality and, used in conjunction with the MyKokoon app, can help you improve your sleep habits. And Kokoon has plans to expand the NightBuds' abilities, with features such as personalised sleep coaching, smart scheduling and alarms, and realtime interventions for nighttime awakenings lined up for 2022.

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One of our biggest concerns about the Kokoon Sleep Headphones was the price; they're not cheap, and neither are the NightBuds. At an RRP of USD $249 / GBP £229.99 / AUD $349.99 these are premium in-ears at AirPods Pro prices (however you can currently get them for 20% off at kokoon.io). However if a lack of sleep's ruining your day, these could just be the technological solution you need, and if you're not entirely sure, Kokoon provides a 30-night free trial so that you can find out for yourself. Find out more, and get all the additional info you need, here.

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