Jawbone UP3 and UP2 get a major update and new designs

Automatic sleep tracking and passive heart rate monitoring are among new additions

Jawbone's range ofUP wristbandshave always had a lot ofpromise,but somehow managed to fail in certain areas. They've now updated they most recent fitness trackers, the UP2 and UP3, with passive heart rate monitoringand automatic sleep tracking.

Turning sleep mode on and off with the touchscreen was always temperamental, in fact, it was one of our biggest complaints about the UP devices. This update makes the poor touchscreen almost redundant, as it now has automatic sleep detection.

The Jawbone UP3 now features passive heart rate monitoring, taking a measurement whenever you're sitting down not moving. Previously the UP only measured your resting heart rate, just after you woke up, but now the device will measure your heart rate throughout the day.

This brings it in line with devices like the Apple Watch and Fitbit Charge HR. Jawbone claim this will allow you to monitor the effects of stress, environment, or caffeine on your heart.

Jawbone have also improved the clasp design of the UP2, making it more secure and easier to do up.

And finally, there a range of new colours for both devices and a new, more jewelry-inspired strap design for the UP2.

The update is available now, and requires you to download the latest version of the UP app on iOS and Android.