Jaw-dropping Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deal is the antidote to Samsung S10 prices

Galaxy S10 prices too much for you? Check out this phenomenal Galaxy Note 8 deal

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Deal Discount

Samsung recently unveiled a torrent of new hardware, including its all-new Galaxy S10 series and a 5G-enabled smartphone set to launch later this year. The latest round of flagship smartphones boast a number of new features, but come with a higher price tag than any of their predecessors.

If you're looking to upgrade to a new smartphone, but are put-off by the cost – this extraordinary new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deal is a brilliant alternative.

This stellar Galaxy Note 8 contract is on EE, which means you'll benefit from the fastest mobile network speeds currently available in the UK. The 24-month deal includes a generous 9GB of 4G data, as well as unlimited text messages and unlimited calls.

The Galaxy Note 8 deal is available from FoneHouse. There's no upfront costs, so the total cost is £672 over the 24-months. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cost £769 SIM-free when it launched in August 2017. In fact, Samsung still sells the smartphone for £649 on its online store – that means it'll cost less than a pound extra a month to get unlimited texts, calls and 9GB of superfast 4G data each month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | EE via FoneHouse | 9GB of mobile data | Unlimited text messages, calls | £28 a month
If you'd like to buy a new smartphone, but don't fancy coughing up over £1,300 for the most high-end Galaxy S10 Plus handsets then this is a phenomenal alternative. You'll get unlimited texts, unlimited calls, 9GB of mobile data and the handset for less than it cost to buy the Galaxy Note 8 when it first launched.View Deal

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