This is James Bond's new Omega Seamaster 300 watch from SPECTRE and you can buy one too

No mister Bond, I expect you to dial. Live and let dial. Dial another day. That's all we've got. Oh, hang on: Clocktopussy.

In Bond films past, the suave super-spy's watches have featured everything from lasers to small rotating blades. Generally speaking they've not been available to you, the public, because you just can't be trusted with lasers and small, whirly saw-blade things. Even in recent years, when Bond's watches have just been watches, they've only been available to you with a socking great logo on the front saying "Quantum of Solace" or whatever. Which clearly, Bond's one in the film does not, because that would be weird. Today, that changes.

Bond's timepiece since 1995's GoldenEye has been an Omega Seamaster, to celebrate Bond's naval heritage (he was a commander in the Royal Navyin Ian Fleming's books). This time around, for the first time, a Seamaster 300 exactly the same as the one Daniel Craig wears in the film SPECTRE will go on sale as a limited edition.

Driven by the "highly innovative" Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8400, the watch features a bi-directional, rotating diving bezel, made from black, polished ceramic. Omega's LiquidMetal 12-hour scale lets you set time for another zone. There's a "lollipop" second hand, and the strap is a dashing, five-stripe, black and grey NATO affair, with a 007 gun logo engraved on the strap holder.

Now hang on, does that mean Bond in the film has a Bond logo on his watch too? Because, as we noted above, that would be weird. It's like they're breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging he's a fictional character. Unless the implication is that the 007 gun logo is AN ACTUAL LOGO USED BY MI6?

This seems unlikely to us.

Anyway, each watch has its own unique serial number engraved on the back along with the SPECTRE film logo - which again, we would question whether that would be on a real spy's watch, but at least it's not visible in this location.

This special timepiece will be "available in selected boutiques"from September. It's limited to just 7,007 pieces, and the clock is ticking on how long you've got to purchase one. Price is £4785.

Here's a picture of Daniel Craig looking at one, and also modelling one, both at Omega's factory in Villeret. We're assuming he won't have that beard in the film.

Duncan Bell

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