Jägermeister launches 'festival friend finder'

The radio-powered tracker is perfect for signal-scarce events

Jägermeister has branched off from booze to build some noble tech that'll make finding your festival-goer mates a breeze.

Jägermeister has launched the Friend Finder, a buddy-up gadget that'll stop you and your mates getting separated during the festival season.

Mobile signal can be scarce at festivals, so the orange-clad Finder dodges GPS and makes use of radio frequencies to connect with up to four paired tags.

"It doesn't suffer from 'poor reception' and doesn't need charging every 8 hours; so no matter where your friends are on the festival site, you're never far," saysJägermeister.

Once paired, the main tracker device can use audio beeps and flashing lights to guide you in the direction of your buddies.

There's also an emergency button which will signal all your tracker-toting friends for help. Think Power Rangers. Stumbling-drunk, disco-popping Power Rangers.

According to the German liquor firm, losing a friend was voted as one of the biggest festival bugbears in a poll of 1,000 Brits.

"Jägermeister has a packed festival season every year and we've witnessed first-hand, the frustration of hearing your favourite band, but not being with your mates," says Samantha Green,Jägermeister Events Manager.

"These events are all about sharing the amazing experience with friends and creating long lasting memories which groups of mates can look back on in years to come, and so we really hope this prototype will be in the hands of all festival-goers one day soon."

Jägermeister says it hopes the Friend Finder will be an essential part of festival kits, and is testing the prototype tracker at UK festivals this year.

Global Gathering, Sonisphere, Bloodstock, and Tough Mudder are just some of this year's events thatJägermeister is expected to appear at.