I've played Nintendo Switch Sports a lot and this deal is perfect for Christmas

You could save 25% on one of Nintendo's most popular games at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Sports deal
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What better way to spend the end of Christmas Day than playing a game with the whole family? Board games are always a good option but have you considered a multi-player videogame like Nintendo Switch Sports? 

Launched earlier this year, Nintendo Switch Sports lets you play tennis, bowling, badminton, football, volleyball, chambara sword-fighting and golf. 

I've played this game a lot and I think it'd make a really good Christmas gift especially because you can buy Nintendo Switch Sports right now for less than £30 which is the cheapest it has ever been.  

Nintendo Switch Sports: was £39.99, now £29.99 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Sports: was £39.99, now £29.99 at Amazon
Nintendo Switch Sports is a game for the Nintendo Switch console that you can play with up to 4 people at a time. Get up and get involved with games like tennis, volleyball and bowling.

Why you should buy Nintendo Switch Sports

Launched earlier in 2022, Nintendo Switch Sports refreshes the noughties icon, Wii Sports, with new graphics, new games and new ways to play. 

Made for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles, you can get up to 4 people involved at once if you have enough controllers, and you can play against people online too. 

Set in Spocco Square, a virtual sports complex, there are 7 games to choose from including Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Football, Chambara, Tennis and Golf. Each game has its own building you can visit with your Sportsmate which is your own personalised character - you can create them yourself with all sorts of hairstyles and outfits to choose from. 

In the Nintendo Switch Sports review, I described the look and feel of the game as 'bright and colourful' saying that 'it feels full of energy and the graphics pop out from the screen.' But if I were to describe it in one sentence I'd say that it's a really fun game that every member of the family will definitely enjoy! 

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