iPhone users are going to have to wait years before they can enjoy 5G speeds

Apple isn't rushing to support superfast mobile networks

iPhone 5G

Infrastructure for next-generation 5G phone networks is currently being trialled at a number of different test sites in the UK, and Android smartphone manufacturers, including Huawei, OnePlus and Samsung, are already teasing the launch of 5G compatible handsets sometime early next year.

However, it seems iPhone users will have to wait a little longer before they're able to enjoy the same blisteringly fast network speeds as their Android counterparts.

According to insiders speaking to Fast Company, Intel has been selected as the main supplier for 5G modems for the next-generation iPhone model. Dispelling rumours the company might be building its own modems

But while the likes of Oppo, LG, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, and Sony have all either confirmed or hinted at plans to debut a 5G handset during 2019, Apple purportedly plans to sit-out next year and debut its own implementation in September 2019.

Apple has never been afraid to let other manufacturers race to get to market first. It prefers to take its time and learn from other company's mistakes before introducing its own version of technology.

Like the roll-out of 4G, superfast 5G networks look set to launch in small pockets –most likely major cities, before extending into other areas around the country.

Download speeds with 5G have the potential to be thousands of times faster than current-generation technology. We're talking 10Gbps compared to 100Mbps on 4G.

Of course, 5G is not simply about speed improvements. The vast amount of available bandwidth with 5G networks means we're likely to see more devices getting connected, such as fleets of self-driving vehicles that are able to communicate with one another on the road, as well as more reliable reception in a crowded areas, like stadium concerts or football matches.

By the time the rumoured 5G compatible iPhone launches in 2020, there might even be a compatible network up-and-running in your local area.

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