iPhone fast-charging upgrade is now cheaper than ever before

Anker has undercut Apple with its new USB-C to Lightning fast-charging cable

iPhone Fast Charging

It's only been a few short weeks since Apple started to sanction third-party USB-C to Lightning cables as part of its Made For iPhone (MFi) program. However, that hasn't stopped prolific third-party manufacturer Anker already taking pre-orders for its solution – which will be sold cheaper than its Apple counterpart.

Dubbed the PowerLine II USB-C to Lighting Cable (catchy, eh?), the new cable starts from $15.99. That's $3 cheaper than the official Apple equivalent, which is sold for $19 in the States and £19 in the UK.

Anker includes a lifetime warranty with its three-foot long cable. Something that isn't included in the pricier Apple-branded equivalent.

Although it's possible to pre-order the cable on Anker's US website already, the product isn't available to add to your shopping basket quite yet in the UK. The company has included the PowerLine II USB-C to Lighting Cable on its website, as well as a link to the Amazon UK listing. However, no price or release date is currently shown.

In the United States, Anker expects to get its new cable, which is available in Black and White, into customers' hands by the end of this month. Fingers crossed for a similar launch date in the UK.

Competition is almost always a positive force, and trusted third-party brands like Anker being able to create MFi approved USB-C to Lighting cables can only be a good thing. The cheaper price tag and lifetime warranty might convince more people to cough-up for the cable, which enables transfers between new MacBook Pro models and the iPhone, as well as fast-charging using Apple's 18W, 29W, 30W, 61W, or 87W USB-C Power Adapters.

Fast charging is support on the iPhone 8 or later. It allows smartphone owners to top-up their handsets with up to 50% battery in 30 minutes.

Despite its lifetime warranty, your shiny new Anker charging cable might only last you a few short months if rumours of Apple switching its next-generation iPhone models from the Lighting port over to USB-C turn out to be accurate.

Aaron Brown

As a former Staff Writer for T3, Aaron writes about almost anything shiny and techie. When he’s not barking orders at Alexa-powered microwaves or gawping at 5G speed tests, Aaron covers everything from smartphones, tablets and laptops, to speakers, TVs and smart home gadgets. Prior to joining T3, Aaron worked at the Daily Express and and MailOnline.