iPhone 14 camera leak points to radically more attractive selfie snaps

Apple isn't keeping every iPhone 14 camera upgrade for its most expensive models

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We've known for a while that the iPhone 14 will be getting improved rear cameras and sensors in the Pro and Pro Max models, something that's been confirmed by the latest dummy models that we're seeing on social media. But it looks like all iPhone 14 models will get an improved front facing camera, so your selfies should be even more spectacular.

That's according to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose latest blog post has included details of Apple's new suppliers and the new camera's spec. According to Kuo, the new camera will be the biggest upgrade to the front-facing camera we've seen in many years, and it'll make the photos you take with the front camera as good as the ones you take with the rear ones.

iPhone 14 selfie camera: what's new

The biggest change here is that the selfie shooter is getting autofocus, which should mean much better image quality for photos and video. The five-part lens in the iPhone 13 will be upgraded to a six-part lens in the iPhone 14, and the aperture – which tells you how much light gets in – will be improved to an impressive f/1.9 for better quality in poor or low light conditions. The current models have f/2.2 so the difference should be quite noticeable.

It's a shame that the rear cameras aren't getting a boost across the iPhone 14 range; as we've reported previously, the entry level models are keeping the current 12 megapixel spec with only the Pro and Pro Max moving to 48MP sensors. We'd expect Apple to make some improvements to the 12MP cameras too, but clearly the difference won't be anywhere near as dramatic as the move from 12MP to 48MP. As much as my iPhone 13 Pro camera is better than previous models and Apple's software is superb, I still think it has some way to go before it's as good for indoor shooting as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, one of the best phones for photography. Here's hoping the iPhone 14 Pro closes the gap.

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