Insurance firms ponder autonomous cars while UK drivers reveal concerns

Still, that hasn't stopped the US government investing $4 billion in the technology

UK insurance firms are about to convene to discuss how thier industry will approach the exciting yet daunting approach of autonomous automotive technology. The newly constructed Autonomous Driving Insurance Group will be discussing the legal ins and outs of driverless cars on public roads, including who would be responsible if an incident occured.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) will be leading the committee, which includes 11 of the country's biggest insurance providers such as Aviva and Direct Line. The ABI itself has stated that around 94% of all motoring accidents are the result of human error, so where does that place autonomous motors? It's a grey area that's show UK drivers are still a little cautious on the subject. In fact, a research survey conducted by Continental Tyres earlier in the year revealed that a quarter of its participants felt the tech be touting by the likes of Ford and Google were exaggerated at best.

Still, while the UK cautiously tiptoes towards the subject, the United States is steaming ahead with its enthusiasm. Enthusiasm to the tune of $4 billion as it invests confidently in the future of this new automotive horizon. The investment will last for the next decade and will aim to speed up the development and intergration of driverless vehicles on US soil.

Via: Autocar/ Business Insider

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