I’m upgrading to the best robot vacuum cleaner with these three early Black Friday deals

If you want a robot vacuum cleaner under $300, these are the three deals I’d pick

Shark robot vacuum cleaner deals, early Black Friday deals
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The best Black Friday deals are coming up in just a month’s time but select retailers have started dropping huge discounts early to help shoppers save extra money on their purchase. Case in point, I’ve just found three money-saving robot vacuum cleaner deals ahead of the Black Friday sales which are worth buying now.

Currently at Amazon, there’s a variety of the best Shark vacuum cleaners are up for grabs at a fraction of the price. The three best deals I’ve found in this vacuum cleaner sale is on Shark’s collection of the best robot vacuum cleaners. Designed to make cleaning your home quicker, easier and hands-free, robot vacuum cleaners are becoming firm favorites in multiple households around the world.

Vacuuming isn’t the most exciting thing to do and if you’re someone who tries to avoid it as much as possible, investing in a robot vacuum cleaner might be the answer to your problems. And as Shark is one of the best vacuum cleaner brands on the market today, I’d recommend checking out the following three deals to save money on a new robot vacuum cleaner.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV970: was $399.99, now $219.99 at Amazon

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV970: was $399.99, now $219.99 at Amazon
Save $180 on the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV970 in this early Black Friday deal. Specifically designed for pet hair, this automatic vacuum offers deep cleaning power and suction to remove pet hair, debris and dirt from your carpets and hard floors. The self-cleaning brush roll easily removes hair, and the high-efficiency filter captures dust and pet allergens to minimise any allergies. The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV970 also comes with an extra large dust bin and is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Shark AV752 ION Robot Vacuum: was $229.99, now $139.99 at Amazon

Shark AV752 ION Robot Vacuum: was $229.99, now $139.99 at Amazon
Get 39% off the Shark AV752 ION Robot Vacuum at Amazon. This robot vacuum cleaner features a Tri-Brush system that combines multi-surface brushrolls and side and channel brushes to tackle dirt and dust on all surfaces. It features intelligent cliff sensors for better mapping and to avoid ledges, stairs, walls and bumping into furniture. The Shark AV752 ION Robot Vacuum boasts a 120 minute runtime and comes with a charging dock and additional brushes and filters.

Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base: was $379.99, now $299.99 at Amazon

Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base: was $379.99, now $299.99 at Amazon
The Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum with XL Self-Empty Base is now under $300 ahead of Black Friday. The main feature of this robot vacuum is its extra large bagless self-emptying base which can hold up to 45 days of dirt. It offers multi-surface cleaning and is particularly powerful on carpets. With the SharkClean app, the Shark AV1010AE IQ Robot Vacuum has faster mapping speeds than its predecessors and can easily target specific rooms or areas with a touch of a button or via voice control.

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