IKEA could be launching its first smart LED light strip and it's ridiculously cheap

Forget Philips Hue! IKEA is here...

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Before IKEA recently upgraded their smart home app, I was oblivious to the amount of smart home products IKEA manufactured. It's therefore been an exciting few months discovering its range covered everything from air purifiers to motion sensors - I know, I couldn't believe it either! Check out the the 3 IKEA smart home products I bought recently if you're suspicious...

One thing that IKEA does really well is smart lighting. Although, apart from smart bulbs (some of which feature in our best smart bulb guide) and a few exciting speakers that are also table lamps, it hasn't covered too much. You've also probably heard of the brand's infamous VATTENSTEN LED strip lights, but they're not smart lights and can only be controlled via a button. That's why this latest piece of news is so exciting...

VATTENSTEN LED strip lights


(Image credit: IKEA)

It's been reported by Dutch tech website, Tweakers, that IKEA has launched its first LED light strip in the Netherlands, the ORMANÄS. It's stated that the ORMANÄS light strip is four metres long and will be priced at €29.99, which is around £26 or $32. Unfortunately, it's currently only available in the Netherlands, but IKEA is known for launching its products there before rolling them out to other countries, so it hopefully won't be long before we can get our hands on it.

The ORMANÄS is predicted to be controlled via many different methods, including the IKEA Home app, Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Like IKEA's other LED strips, users will also be able to cut it to their desired length. It's apparently going to be dimmable, but the LEDs can't be programmed individually, meaning the light strip will only be able to show one colour at a time.

Either way, the price point of this LED light strip will certainly be its selling point. Other smart lighting brands are priced a lot higher than this, with the Philips Hue light strips starting from £130. If you're interested, we actually compared the Philips Hue products with the less expensive WiZ products not too long ago. 

We'll be keeping a firm eye on when the IKEA ORMANÄS light strip will be released in other countries, and will update this page as soon as it is.

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