Ignore the haters, the Windows 11 gaming upgrades look superb

Windows 11 looks like it will be the ultimate OS for gamers, with integrated Xbox Game Pass, auto HDR and improved SSD support

Windows 11 Xbox Game Pass
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So, Windows 11 is now out in the open and, almost inevitably, it has been met with a wave of "iterative update" whinges from certain sections of the media.

Yes, I think it is fair to say that Windows 11 is an iterative update to Windows 10. There's no denying that it doesn't completely overhaul the existing OS, and I also accept that Windows 10 has been far from perfect, but if you actually look closely at the areas Windows 11 seems to focus on in terms of upgrades, then it starts to make perfect sense and something to genuinely look forward to.

One great example of this is the upgrades that Windows 11 is bringing to gamers, with Microsoft describing the OS as "the best Windows ever for gaming." The biggest of these gaming upgrades is no doubt the fact that Xbox Game Pass will come directly built in to the Windows Xbox app, meaning that all the gaming goodness of Game Pass will now be integrated throughout the OS.

For those with an Xbox Game Pass, and with Microsoft's current ridiculously cheap barrier to entry that's most gamers I know, that means easy access to hundreds of top games as well as access to Xbox cloud gaming functionality, too. The idea of a seamless cloud gaming experience is very exciting to me, and especially so in light of the growing proliferation of 5G networks.

On top of Xbox Game Pass being baked into the system directly, Windows 11 is also is also going to deliver an auto HDR feature that will mean over 1,000 games at launch will automatically be playable in HDR, even if the game's maker isn't involved in it. So providing you've got a HDR capable monitor then Windows 11 is going to make it easier than ever to play games in HDR.

Windows 11 is also going to bring the DirectStorage API that is currently built in to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games consoles. This will mean that Windows 11 will be able to fully unlock the fastest speeds of today's best SSDs, rapidly increasing game installation and loading times.

Roll these three Windows 11 gaming upgrades together and gamers look set to enjoy more games than ever while accessing them easier than ever in the OS, while also then enjoying them at greater visual fidelity and experiencing them loading faster. And, as Windows 11 isn't going to cost anything and come as a free upgrade, gamers will get this all for free, too. What's not to like? Exactly.

Of course, the proof of all this Windows 11 gaming goodness will be in the pudding, but right now it really does look like Windows 11 will be "the best Windows ever for gaming", and I for one am excited to test it out.

Right now no fixed Windows 11 release date has been announced, however, it has been confirmed as arriving "this holiday season". Naturally, T3 will be looking to bring you its Windows 11 impressions as soon as possible, so be sure to check back in to the site in the run up for our official take.

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