If you're still hunting down the perfect Xmas gift Shaver Shop could have your back

Huge discounts across everything on the Shaver Shop website. Save up to 75% on Philips, Braun, Remington and more

 Shaver Shop has kicked Christmas shopping deals into full swing. Meaning it’s the best time to treat yourself, a friend or a family member to a primo grooming product. All the way up until Christmas day —and possibly a little beyond— you’ll be able to grab discounts of up to 75% on shavers, IPLS, massagers, hair straighteners and more.

We’ve picked out our top five deals from the sale, with a huge discount on the Braun Shaver Series 9 and a healthy price drop on Philips Lumea IPL for smooth skin and a smoother price tag. All of these come with same day delivery across Australia for orders over AU$149, or you can pay AU11.95 for delivery of orders under the threshold.

If you don’t see something you like below, checkout Shaver Shops sale page where plenty more products get great deals. If you’re still stumped for gifts check out our Christmas gift guide for a wider range of goodies

Braun Series 9 Pro wet & dry shaver |  AU$449

Braun Series 9 Pro wet & dry shaver | AU$749 AU$449 (save AU$300)

Grab Braun’s self-proclaimed best razor for an absolute bargain here. 100% waterproof – instead of merely splash proof – it’s safe for shower usage. The Series 9 ships with a 5-in-1 smart centre to keep the blades clean and hygienic. The ProLift trimmer allows you to shape your beard however you’d like and the package includes a cleaning cartridge, brush and charging cable to keep your Braun going. Designed to last for 7 years this could become your new best friend in the bathroom.

Philips Shaver series 9000 Prestige | AU$549

Philips Shaver series 9000 Prestige | AU$749 AU$549 (save AU$200)

The Philips Shaver 9000 Prestige is an excellent choice for the tough bearded men amongst us. With Nanotech Dual Precision blades firing up at 150,000 cutting actions a minute, it’s sure to erase even the most stubborn stubble. You can set the speed of the shaver and tweak its personalisation setting to get yourself looking exactly how you like every morning. Ships with a wireless Qi charging pad for effortless charging for your shaver, or any Qi-compliant device. All of this with that lovely AU$200 discount staying in your pocket. 

Dafni Go Hair straightening ceramic brush |  AU$59

 Dafni Go Hair straightening ceramic brush | AU$169 AU$59 (save AU$110)

Combining the hair straightener and brush grants huge utility to a single product. This deal lets you grab the two-for-one item with a massive 65% off. The Dafni Go reaches temps of up to 85˚C to tame the toughest of curls without damaging your hair. For context, most standalone straighteners operate at between 120˚C - 200˚C. This deal lets you save time in the morning and money right now. 

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL |  AU$299

Philips Lumea Advanced IPL | AU$599 AU$299 (save AU$200)

The Lumea IPL uses light to remove your hair. Intense Pulsed Light beams targeted pulses to the root of your hair follicles, effectively putting them to sleep and decreasing your amount of body hair overall. This method has undergone extensive testing for long term effects. Meaning it can be used everywhere on the body without fear of damaging your skin, while preventing new hair growth for up to 3 months. Due to the nature of the light treatment it is not suitable for red, light blonde or white/grey hairs. It also doesn’t work well with darker skin tones. 

Pitbull Platinum Pro head shaverAU$269

Pitbull Platinum Pro head shaver AU$329 AU$269 (save AU$60)

Unfortunately this is not the brainchild of Mr Worldwide himself, which we feel is a missed opportunity. Instead, the Pitbull Platinum Pro is an excellent shaver to keep bald heads looking fresh, and beards at bay. With specialised rotary shaving heads it will slide across any uneven surfaces without causing any damage to your skin. Ships with two interchangeable blades, one for head shaving, one for beard shaving and will run for 90 minutes on a full charge. It’s even waterproof to let you get the smoothest shave in the shower for easy clean up.

Rian Howlett
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