I own an Ooni pizza oven – and this is the Black Friday deal I recommend

Save serious sums on Ooni's excellent pizza ovens, bundles and accessories with this Black Friday deal

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If like me you're looking out the window at a pretty bleak, wintry day, having an outdoor pizza party probably isn't the first thing you're thinking of. And that's exactly why this is a really good time to buy one of Ooni's outdoor pizza ovens, because a terrible time for actually making pizzas outdoors is a brilliant time to buy the oven for it.

For those not in the know, Ooni makes some of the best pizza ovens in the world.

I own an Ooni Fyra, and I think it's a great bit of kit. It's also quite hard to get for less than the RRP, so with Ooni offering 20% sitewide for Black Friday it's a good time to bag a bargain.

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven: was £249, now £199.20 at Ooni

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven: was £249, now £199.20 at Ooni

The Fyra makes fantastic pizzas very quickly, and its wood pellets create lots of heat without making a mess. The Fyra packs down for easy storage, and it's portable too if you fancy going somewhere for a pizza party when the weather's better. 

Big savings on perfect pizzas

The thing about outdoor gadgets is that demand is seasonal: as soon as the weather improves, people start thinking "ooh, I quite fancy one of those" and they promptly sell out. Whereas if you buy when the weather is quite frankly bleak, you get the same kit for less and can taunt your neighbours who left buying theirs until the mercury climbed.

I'm highlighting the Fyra here because (a) I've got one and (b) it's one of Ooni's most affordable models. But there's 20% off everything right now so if you fancy something more ambitious, you can get the larger, multi-fuel Karu 16 for £559 instead of £699. It's one of our picks for the best pizza oven you can buy, alongside the more affordable Fyra. You can also save 20% on bundles and cooking accessories too.

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