I just bought this coffee machine Prime Day deal and at £49.99, you should too

Get 55% off the Philips L'OR Barista Sublime in the Prime Day sale

Philips L'OR Barista Sublime coffee machine deal, Prime Day deals
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If you’re looking for cheap prices on your favourite brands, you need to check out the Amazon Prime Day sale. The day two deals are just as big as day ones’ and if you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, the latest pod, espresso and bean-to-cup makers are getting huge price cuts from the Prime Day Home & Kitchen deals.

I did some searching to find the best coffee machine discounts from the Prime Day sale, and I came across this better than half price deal on the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime. Right now, you can get 55% off the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime which is the best pod coffee machine deal I’ve seen from the sale.

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Originally priced at £109.99, the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime is now just £49.99, saving shoppers £60 on this premium pod coffee machine. I was so impressed by this machine and how cheap it is that I bought it! And here’s why you should too.

The Philips L’OR Barista Sublime has an 800ml capacity and can make two cups of coffee at the same time with its two spouts. With its 19 bar high pressure, the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime makes delicious coffee that gets the most out of the capsule contents that you pop into the machine.

The most intelligent feature of the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime is its dual capsule recognition system. When you insert a pod into the machine, the Smart Dual Capsule Recognition Technology automatically detects the pods’ size and adjusts to the optimal setting for the recipe. If you’d prefer a different strength or taste, you can adjust the coffee length to make the perfect cup of coffee. For more details, take a look at T3’s Philips L’OR Barista Sublime review.

To view the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime deal, keep reading or click the link above to shop the full Prime Day sale.

Philips L’OR Barista Sublime Coffee Capsule Machine: was £109.99, now £49.99 at Amazon

Philips L’OR Barista Sublime Coffee Capsule Machine: was £109.99, now £49.99 at Amazon
Get 55% off the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime in the Prime Day deals. This stylish coffee machine is the perfect addition to any kitchen and creates tasty coffee with every use. Compatible with L’OR single and double shot capsules and Nespresso pods, this deal comes with the Philips L’OR Barista Sublime and x4 L'OR Espresso single shots and x5 L'OR Barista double shot capsules.

After you’ve treated yourself to this cheap coffee machine deal, don’t forget to pick up some cheap pod and capsule deals from the Prime Day sale.

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